Why I quit Facebook. A look into what really matters.

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Many moons ago, it was brought to my attention that my time management and productivity was on the decline, while my attention deficit was through the roof…Squirrel!

Ok.  Where was I?

Ahh yes.  The culprit of said decline?  I narrowed it down to the hours I spent mindlessly scrolling through the status updates of 500 plus friends I somehow acquired over the course of a few years.

I don’t even think I know 500 people.  Some of these “friends” I’ve never even spoken to in person, but we somehow became Facebook friends via mutual friendships, or we, at one time, passed each other in the hall during our high school years.

A slap to the face

It was like the Lord almighty himself slapped me across my face one Friday afternoon.

comparison-is-the-thiefMy wife was right all along.  I was gaining absolutely nothing from wasting hours of my life scrolling through status updates that consist of how well those 500 friends are doing in life (or so they make it seem), getting their problems off their chest…in a public forum, photos of new cars, new homes, occasional baby pics.

Now that I think of it, I suppose there’s truth to the whole “keeping up with the Joneses” theory, and it’s not getting any better with social media and Facebook’s status updates on all these new shiny things people buy, snap a pic of, and post.  Allthewhile, sporting a nice smile, but hiding the hurt those monthly payments are doing to their wallets.  

 Life is better now

I’m saying I quit Facebook, but realistically, I still kept the “FB pages” app around, since I can’t have my EatSleepDad page without having a full on active FB account, however, I no longer log on or update regular status updates.  These days, I just keep it simple, deleted the app from my phone, and stuck with the FB pages app.

I have to be honest, my days feel better.  I no longer wonder who’s doing what, driving what, etc, etc.  I now devote that time to building a better relationship with my family, helping my kids with their homework, real social interaction and self improvement.

Twitter, on the other hand, I find useful.  News updates, valuable bits of information from good sources. Plus I get to interact with others in the parenting niche, which is great.  I don’t check it too often, but enough to say hey, promote the blog…all in 140 characters or less.

I guess the moral of my story is, don’t become a slave to the status update.  There’s more to your life than finding out what’s new in someone else’s.  I was once hypnotized by it, but I broke free of those  social media chains.  Think about it, if someone is wondering how you’ve been lately, they can call or text.

These days, I outright own my vehicles, my kids are doing well in school, I love my job and I’ve got nothing to prove to anyone.  If anything, I quit FB for my kids.  They deserved my time more than 500 “friends” I barely knew.

Just some thoughts.


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