What is a legacy?

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Many times on my way to and from work, I’ll turn on my podcast app and see what new episodes are available.  My rotation consists of financial, health, parenting and leadership podcasts.

I was catching up on the School of Greatness podcast, where the host, Lewis Howes, interviewed Tony Robbins.  Now, if you haven’t heard about Tony yet, you may want to open your laptop and do a quick search.  A motivational speaker, personal finance instructor and self-help author.

During the podcast, he outlined what brought him to the success he knows now.  He started off poor, goes through some hardships with family, and then came to the realization that giving is the key to happiness.

I know, I know, my BS flag goes up when someone tells me to give away my hard earned money and put a smile on my face.  But I think there’s some truth behind it, and I’m on a mission to find out why.
I want to teach my kids that they need to take care of number 1, but also be generous enough to care for others.  I want to teach them that they should choose their close friends wisely, but be open to helping others.

“Who you spend time with is who you become.”

I have my kids in mind when I do about 75% of my daily tasks, things like, “Is this good knowledge to pass on?”, “would my kids be proud of me?”, go through my mind regularly.   Lately, however, I’ve been thinking about how I’d be remembered  Would they remember my good days more often?  Hopefully so.

There’s this Broadway play called Hamilton, heard of it?  Yeah, I heard it’s good, and apparently sold out until next year or something.  Anyhow, in the play, Alexander Hamilton talks about legacy, and I couldn’t help but to share it here, it’s just so well put:

“Legacy.  What is a legacy?  It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.”

Tony’s starting to make some sense to me with his generosity theory.  We give our offering during our church service, we sponsor a 6 year old girl from Peru, we help out however we can.  I want to show my kids that it’s okay to give if you’re in a good position to do so.  If I can plant that into their brain, my legacy is on track to a good start.

What good lessons do you teach your kids about generosity?

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