Tulum and Akumal in 14 photos

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It was like something out of a movie.  White sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, a cold drink in my hand.  To be honest, we needed it, and you may too.

Being that this is mainly a parent blog about eating, sleeping and being a dad (in case you didn’t catch the site name), I’ll keep it in line:  If you’re a parent, I know you love your kid.  If you’re a parent, I also know how much you need some alone time.

A key point in taking a vacation away from it all are grandparents.  Yep, having supportive parents who love spending time with the grandkids has been great when we want to get away a while.  The kids love hanging out with the grandparents, and the grandparents just love having the grandkids around.  Its a win all around.
Tulum and Akumal
First impression of the Cancun, Tulum and Akumal areas were great!  It felt relaxing from the start.
A short 3 hour flight from Orlando and we felt a world away.  If you’ve ever been to Tulum or Akumal, you know the best thing about it all is the simplistic beauty the area has.  We especially enjoyed our AirBNB stay at the Boho Eco-Chic boutique hotel in Akumal.  Check it out if you get a chance, and let Diana know Vic and Camille sent you.
It was great to see how the locals took care of the land and surroundings.  What seemed like untouched green jungle surrounded us at all times, especially on the ride to Chichen Itza.  Passing through the small villages where the locals sell their hand carved art was a great experience too.  We wished we could buy more and help them out, but we could only pack so much, as we only came with carry-ons (we don’t check bags anymore…too much hassle)
There were a few tourists climbing up the Tulum ruins, which resulted in the tour getting furious…which makes sense.  I have to be honest, it was an awesome experience, and has quickly ranked in my top 3 places to look for a vacation home in a few years.
Here are just a few photos:

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