traditions and resolutions 2017

What better way to welcome the new year than to find your pigs drunk behind the shed?

Growing up, my family would throw a huge party at my grandmother’s place.  Distant relatives would make their faces shown and celebrate into the night, tell stories of what their year was like, exchanging gossip, dancing, and all the other things that hispanic families tend to do when coming together.

As we near midnight, my mother would find my brother’s and I, handing us 12 pennies and 13 grapes. At this point, our sole mission in life was to wait until the last seconds of midnight, run outside, eat your 13 grapes while saying the name of each month, the 13th being for good luck,  then tossing the 12 pennies behind your back.

The grapes signify good health and fortune in the new year, the pennies signify tossing away the poverty of the previous year, in hopes of wealth in the coming year.

Do I believe in these traditions?  Not really.  If they worked, I’d toss thousands of pennies behind my back and become obese with grapes.  Then again, all that would be the opposite of what they’re suppose to do, wouldn’t it.


I’m not huge on New Year resolutions, I never really have just one, but I do have a set of goals I’d like to make sure I’m implementing.  No checklists involved, these are recurring resolution:

My wants:

  • Read more books
  • Write more often
  • Take my wife on more dates
  • Wake up earlier
  • Stretch more (welcome to the 30’s)
  • Get commercial UAS pilot license (gotta hit the books)
  • Start my Master’s degree

Now my needs:

  • Read to my kids more
  • Listen more
  • Public speaking
  • Travel more as a family

These days, having those huge family get-togethers is just a memory, as now, we’re spread out throughout the world.  I think I’ll keep that penny and grape tradition going with my kids, it always seemed fun for me.

What traditions and resolutions do you or your family have?

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