Top 5 Holiday gift ideas!

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Christmas is only a few days away, so you’d better start making use of that Amazon Prime 2-day shipping!

This year, I decided to start my holiday shopping a little early, so I wouldn’t miss out on the hot items of the season.  I hate the thought of accumulating more stuff in the house, so in keeping with our somewhat minimalistic lifestyle, the wife came up with a pretty cool idea: Buy something, Sell something,  that way, we’re never bringing too much clutter back into our lives.

Enough about that, lets talk gifts.

Back in early November, I asked my kids to write out their Christmas lists so I can “forward to Santa”.

Son #1 asked for pokemon cards, a pack of markers and chopsticks.  Easy…Check!

Son#2 kept screaming something about angry bords.  Check…sort of.

Daughter asked for clothes and drawing items.  Simple…Check.

Since writing these lists back in November, their wishes have somehow evolved into very creative and expensive things.  Now I’m hearing scary things like XBox one, apple watches, professional art markers, etc.

Instead of getting each one a $50 gift card and calling it a day, I thought I’d hook them up, after all, they’ve done very well in school and been very involved in their after school activities/clubs, so I don’t really have a reason to say “no”, so here goes nothing!


My Top 5 gift ideas for 2016:

1.  Xbox one – Minecraft edition:  With a #5 sales rank on Amazon, this is a one of the best gifts for kids who love both video gaming and building!  I got this sucker on sale during Black Friday, it came with a free controller and a 4k movie.  It’s still priced low enough that it won’t break the bank.  Now I have to look into geting a 4k TV (subscribe to my page, santa).  Click the link below and add it to your Amazon cart.

2. Hatchimals –  This one seems to be the hottest holiday gift of the season!  Think of a furby in an egg…then you have to raise it from baby to toddler.  Having 3 kids and 2 pets, I wasn’t sure I wanted something new I needed to ensure was raised right.  Click the link below to check it out on Amazon.


3.  DJI Phantom Drone – This one is great!  I bought a DJI Phantom 3 Standard at Walmart a few weeks back, and it’s been nothing but a blast to fly!  It’s more of a gift for dad, but definitely easy to let the kids fly it around too.  Check out the video I made with my kids and a link to the Amazon page.

4. Pie in the face Showdown –  If your kids are anything like mine, they’ve been itching to get revenge on dad with a pie to the face.  Well, now they can with the Pie in the Face Showdown edition.  It’s a fun race to see who gets whipped in the face with a pie.  Click below to check it out on Amazon.

5.  Meade Instruments Infinity 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope – Both educational and fun.  This one is rated #29 in the Camera “Movers and Shakers” list on  If the supermoon would have waited out until after Christmas, this would have been awesome to have around.  Nonetheless, it would make a great gift for any pre-teens or teens who are interested in the universe beyond what can be seen with the naked eye.  

I hope this post has given you some ideas of what to add to your cart for the holidays.  If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to send them over.

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Happy holidays from my family to yours.


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