Three Ways to Gamify House Cleaning for the Entire Family

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This week’s post is brought to you by our guest author Christine from HelloAllSet.

Most people agree that cleaning the house is one of their least favorite chores.

If you were to survey just kids, the responses would likely be even more negative. After all, why put away your toys when you are just going to play with them again tomorrow or the next day.

As with so many family chores, one of the best ways to lighten the mood when it’s time to clean the house is to gamify the cleaning process.

Truly turning house cleaning into a game requires more than just praising the kids when they clean up after themselves. Sure, this works, but as we all know, eventually they will start tuning us out.

Like any other game, this one needs to have clear rules, a way to keep score and a winner.

1. First you need to establish the rules which requires understanding your objectives.

Do you have young children that you are trying to teach to clean up after themselves or teenagers who are capable of taking on larger projects and adult responsibilities?

Understanding how your family can help lessen your cleaning responsibilities is the first step in creating the game.

2. The second step is where it starts to get fun.

Now it’s time to decide how your family’s game is going to be scored.

With older kids, you can assign point values to an array of tasks ranging from taking out the garbage to cleaning the bathroom. The more difficult or unappealing the task the more points they receive.

For younger children you can adopt golf style scoring whereby the winner has the least points and the objective is to be the child that left the least messes for others to clean up afterwards.

Again, it’s important to tailor the scoring to your family’s habits and cleaning needs.

3. Lastly like most games that kids enjoy playing, this one needs to have a winner.

It’s important to frequently name a winner (a weekly or monthly winner works best) so that you have plenty of opportunities to start the game over again and motivate the family all over again.

Winning can come with a prize but be careful not to resort to flat out bribery.

Oftentimes the best prizes are the ones that are most unique to your family. Maybe the winner gets to pick dinner one night the following week or gets the comfortable chair in the living room at the next movie night.

Even small prizes work well as we all know how effective sibling rivalry can be in practice.  Turning house cleaning into a game is a great way to motivate the entire family to do their part.

Too often all of the cleaning responsibilities fall on one member of the household when working together could open up a lot more time that the entire family could be spending together instead.

Of course, if you really want to maximize your time for family activities, try booking professional house cleaners through a service like All Set and start taking back your free time.

If you find these tips useful and want to see more, email me or comment below and we’ll bring you more content on making everyday tasks fun and enjoyable for all.

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