The Chalkola marker review

Once in a while, something comes across my desk that I think is worthy of a good review.  This time, that something is Chalkola markers.

I’ve always wondered how those coffee shops and bars get those awesome chalk designs on their blackboard stands, I guess I’ve found their secret.

The good folks at Chalkola reached out to my and sent me a set to try out, and I’ll be honest, these chalk markers are pretty cool.

Need to show some team spirit on your back window?  Use their large markers. Just shake it, press the square tip down to get the liquid flowing, and you’re on your way to making some awesome designs.

Want to decorate your whiteboard with colors (both regular and metallic)? Opt for their medium and smaller sized markers.

These are perfect for artists, parents, school projects, showing off team spirit, birthday surprises, and anything else that needs a little color.  Another great feature?  It wipes off super easy!

The Giveaway

A winner has been announced! Congratulations to Stephanie on your new set of Chalkola Markers!

The folks at Chalkola are giving me a free set of their 6mm markers to give away to a lucky friend.

How can you enter to win a set?  Its easy!

-Follow me on Twitter: @EatSleepDad and tell me how you’d use your Chalkola markers.

-Follow me on Facebook: @EatSleepDad and tell me how you’d use your Chalkola markers.

And just like that, you’re entered to win this awesome set!  I’ll be announcing the winner this Friday, March 3rd.

As always, thanks for reading and entering the contest, much luck!