Starting new

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A message to my readers: has been around for about a year now, but I recently found out my wordpress site was riddled with malware, which in turn corrupted my site and caused my host to take it offline.

The downfall:  I’m terrible at backing anything up, whether it be my phone, websites or that ass, I admit, I simply didn’t back up my site.  This in turn means, I lost whatever I had worked on for the last few years through my host. (any backup savvy people out there that may now how I can recover my stuff, please email me!)
In an effort to keep the dream of logging my experiences of a dad, husband, traveler, homeowner, and whatever else may apply to you that I may be writing about, I decided to move from wordpress and find another place to call home.
Maybe wordpress is too advanced for me, or maybe I’m just too occupied to spend time learning about plug-ins and other crap.  In the end, I just require a place online to write some words and press “publish”.  Easy day.

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