New skills, bonding and saving $10k: How to cut your kid’s hair (Video)

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Of all the skills I’ve acquired over the 33 years I’ve been alive, the two I’d love to pass on to my kids are how to make/save money, and how to cut their own hair.

I was first exposed to cutting hair at age 15.   Since then, I’ve grown up cutting hair out of my parent’s garage, friend’s homes, military barracks rooms, etc.  I’ve continuously cut my own hair every Sunday, for the past 18 years.  I may have skipped a week here or there, but you get the idea.

Father-Son time

It’s our little routine.  I trim my hair every week, and my sons hair about every two.  Just play a movie in background or turn up some jams on pandora, it’s just great bonding time with dad and son(s).  Nothing beats it, just talking and laughing.

Save Money, learn a new skill, pass it on.

Over the course of my 13 years in the military, I can say that I’ve saved over $10,000, just on haircuts. Here are the numbers.

The cost:

  • about $50-$80 for a good clipper set. (I’ve gone through about 4 pairs over the last 13 years)

The savings:

  • $13 per cut x 52 weeks (1 cut per wk) = $676
  • $676 x 13 years = $8788
  • Add about $3 tip per cut ($2028), that’s $10,816!

In an effort to assist my fellow parents looking to save some cash, I’ve made a quick video (below) and included some photos to assist you in your journey of acquiring this useful new skill.  Depending on your kid’s mood, your experience may vary!

Paying it forward

Think about it,  how awesome would it be to learn something new, save a couple of bucks doing it, and pass it on to your kids?

I’m a do-it-yourself’er and have a hard time paying someone for something I can do on my own. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going and getting the barber shop experience, but as for me, I learned to DIY…not rely.

I’ve done the trial and error, so now you don’t have to.   I don’t mind showing you how to do your own, just subscribe to the site, follow me on Twitter, Facebook for updates.

Think of this as my way of paying it forward.  Enjoy the video and leave a comment below.

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