Man Stuff: The Magpul iPhone 6s case

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I research things…ALOT.

Here’s how my process usually works:

I find something I like.
I go with the cheaper version.
I research it so much that I talk myself out of liking it.
I return it.
I buy the top shelf version.
I continue to research it.

After dropping $350 on a new 64gb iPhone 6s two weeks ago (thanks Verizon promotions!), I spent some time looking for the perfect phone but only came across the usual otterbox and lifeproof style cases.  Way too chunky and way too overpriced!

The MAGPUL iPhone 6s Bump Case. 

I swung by the tactical section, checked out some knives and other cool man stuff when I came across my perfect case.

Tactical desert color, low key, thin, outer hard shell with an inner rubber layer, easy to grip. All for a lot less than all other cases I was considering!   I’m not endorsed by the by these guys, I simply like that they make great products and a solid iPhone 6s case.

It also fits the iPhone 6.  They also sell cases for Plus versions, 5s, and Samsungs.  There’s a less expensive Field case, but it lacks the rubber layer on the inside, I suggest you go with the bump case if you decide to go Magpul.

Got a great product you want to share? Let me know I’ll test it out.

Im not affiliated with Magpul and not being paid for reviewing their product.  Again, just a badass case!

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