Grandma’s life lesson lives on: Soccer and Intestines.

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I remember being a kid and crying about something silly, my grandmother would tell me “Los hombres no lloran, aunque tengan las tripas afuera”, which translates to “Men don’t cry, even if their intestines are hanging out”.   I don’t know where she got that from, or why she told me that exact thing, but it always stuck with me.  
I’ve never been much of an overprotective father.  I let my kids figure things out the hard way if they need to, sort of like a lesson-learned approach.  It usually results in scoldings from my wife, but hey, they need to learn somehow, right?
Pissed after I told him Goldfish will make his nosebleed stop.  It didn’t.
A few days ago during my son’s soccer game, as he ran toward the ball, he caught an elbow to the nose, which immediately resulted in tears, and blood to drip from his nose.  
He looked around, but I stood there, waiting for him to get back in the game (probably not the best call).  As he ran to his coach, a crowd of assistant coaches and parents immediately surrounded him with tissues and baby wipes to clean his face and comfort him.
To be honest, it kind of made me feel like crap that I didn’t run to him first, but I didn’t have time to quote my grandmother to the other parents during this whole incident.  He stopped crying soon after I got to him.  I gave him a hug and told him I’m proud that he took the hit like a champ.
Now that I look back on it, I think it was good for him to feel that elbow to the nose.  If anything, to build up some aggressiveness on the field and take a hit like a champ.  We had practice 2 days after the game and we worked on his speed and to avoid following the crowd (like most youth sports do when following the ball)
Though no intestines were spilled, I think we’re ready for the next game in a few days, and grandma’s lesson lives on.

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