Easy memories: A letter to my boys

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A few years ago, I read somewhere about making memories with my kids, how to share and remember those days with them as we get older.  I mean, pictures are worth 1000 words, right? But I’ve found myself looking at old photos and trying to remember who that was, or what we were doing, etc.  The point is, my memory’s never been the sharpest, so I figured I’d do a little something help all of us remember.

I registered email addresses for each one of my kids, something simple to remember, “first.lastname@xxxxx.com”.  After securing the emails, they just kind of sat there, collecting the one or two welcome messages from the host.

After a few months, I decided to start something new, both to work on my writing skills and give my kids something to look back on, so I began sending the kids an email update every week/month on significant things going on during that time.

Just so you know, they’re young and probably won’t have access to these emails for a long while, but how awesome would it be to give them the name and password on their 18th or 21st Birthday, they open the email for the first time and presented with letters and photos from each month of their childhood.

Thinking about it, if email was big back when I was growing up, I would’ve wanted the same thing.

I have a group newsletter I send out, and individual emails to my daughter and two boys.

I’ve included part of this month’s email to the boys below.  It’s simple, just an open letter I hope they look back on and smile.


First, I want to say thanks.  We made a huge move to Hawaii this month and you boys were big helpers when it came to moving, cleaning and helping out.  Your mom and I truly appreciate it.  

It’s great to see that within the first week of moving into the new neighborhood, you’ve made some friends on the block.  I thought it would be a difficult transition, but I almost forgot how easy it is for kids to simply walk up to each other, start conversations and become friends.  I think making new friends is tougher as you get older, but you guys are very personable, maybe it’ll be easy for you.  

The first photo above of you guys in the water was taken at the Ko’Olina cove near Honolulu.  We went there after enjoying some sushi for your sisters birthday.  The waters were calm and warm.  You boys played ran, splashed, jumped and quickly making friends with the other boys in the water, spraying each other with water guns.  

You cried when it was time to go because you didn’t want to leave your new friends behind.  I laughed at the blank stare on your faces when I asked you their names, haha.

That photo directly above was taken at the Byodo-In temple in Hawaii.  Remember when we spent the day fishing? Mason says he caught a fish…but he was the only one that saw it…  It was a constant struggle to keep Mateo calm, since there were people all around and he kept trying to swing the line and hook back and forth to gain distance and, at one point, trying to get in the water to touch the fish.

After fishing, Mason and I played some frisbee and were given a warning by the security guard about the mongoose nests right next to us.  Good thing we moved, 5 minutes later, we witnessed two mongoose going at each other’s necks…

See how easy that was?  Just documenting the day, and tagging some photos in the email.

I have a terrible memory as it is, so I like to type these emails soon after the activity.  It’s super easy to start and makes for some great memories later on in life.

Try it out, and let me know how it goes in 10-20 years!





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