Dad Lesson: A Secret Handshake

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It doesn’t matter if you’re cooler than eskimo nipples, or some geek off the street, your kid will think you’re the man (or woman) if you have a secret handshake that you share only with them.  Mine happens to be one that includes a snap of the finger, and we do it before every one of his little league games.
I had a handshake I’d do with my father, I actually stole it from that 1989 movie “Little Monsters” where Fred Savage does a secret handshake with the Maurice, the purple monster played by Howie Mandel.  We came up with the handshake after we watched that exact movie a few months back.
We’ve been slowly perfecting it, and it finally happened during his last soccer match, he asked me for the secret handshake for good luck.  They didn’t win the game, but he scored his first goal.  I ran and put him on my shoulders, establishing an instant memory for him of the first goal he’s ever made.  The glory was his that day, and he mentioned it was due to our secret handshake.
I know its inevitable, he’ll grow up and say he’s too grown to be hoisted up on my shoulders, to hug or to do a silly handshake, but that memory at the park, of his first goal after a perfect handshake and a perfect kick, is as much mine as his.
I can see more secret handshakes coming our way, so don’t grow up too fast buddy.
Please share if you’ve got any special handshakes, dances, rituals, or anything you do with your kids. I’m always interested in connecting with other parents to exchange best practices and stories.

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