Dad Lesson # 1: Why I dislike Taco Tuesdays.

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Don’t get me wrong, I like the actual food, however, Taco Tuesday has now taken a new meaning in my home.

First, let me explain that my family uses mainly apple products, with the exception of a few Samsung tablets the kids use.  My wife and I both have iPhone 6s phone, and I gave my 11 year old daughter my old iPhone 5.
We’re all on the family sharing plan, which basically means all apple ID’s share the apps and purchases under my apple ID.   For some reason, I receive my daughter’s text messages on my macbook’s text service (again, it’s all connected in a web I don’t quite understand).
The date is Tuesday, February 9.  I’m quietly looking at homes on Zillow and working through some of my school coursework, when suddenly I hear “DING!”.  It was a message from some kid named Matt texting my daughter.
“DING!” I hear it again.
This time, he sent a video of himself…serenading my daughter…singing some “It’s raining taco’s” song.   I didn’t have the heart to put this kids video of him singing up, so I included the video of the actual song. Watch it, annoying right?
To this day, I’m unsure why, but I watched all 2 minutes of him singing, wondering a few things to myself:
1) Why is this kid singing this song to try to win my daughter’s heart?
2) Why did I watch all 2 minutes and 3 seconds of him singing this?
3) Why does he look exactly like Rob Thomas?
4) I feel embarrassed for this kid.
5) If he ever ends up dating my daughter, I’ll never call him Matt, instead it’ll be “Taco Tuesday”.
6) My daughter better not fall for this crap.
7) My daughter better not date this kid.
I guess it’s better than someone texting my daughter inappropriate messages, but still, she’s waaaay to young to date anyone.  In the end, I know my little girl is growing up and someday I’ll have to face the inevitable.  This “Taco Tuesday” fool will one day knock on my door asking if my little girl is home.  I think I’d make him sing the song before he’s allowed to see her…every time.

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