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it’s time to unplug

Last week, CNN posted a story about a daycare center in Texas that posted a sign on their door instructing parents to put down their phones and pay attention to their kids (see photo below,¬†Click here for CNN article).…


The birth of a parenting blog.

I was recently asked why I initially started a blog…and why specifically one on parenting. Check out the video below, it’ll tell you everything.…


A valuable lesson on why failure is an option

In recent years, I’ve read stories, listened to podcast interviews and watched videos on those who’ve achieved success in life.  No matter the type of success they experienced, they all had one thing in common…


Pre-teens, why are you the way that you are?

   A few weeks back, my job brought in a counselor to talk to us about incidents going on in our organization and how to avoid such incidents through mentorship and other avenues.  Following the meeting, I approached the…

Life Lessons Parenting

What is a legacy?

Many times on my way to and from work, I’ll turn on my podcast app and see what new episodes are available.  My rotation consists of financial, health, parenting and leadership podcasts. I was catching up on the School…