The Art of Confidence

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-The quiet kid in class who never liked to be the center of attention. -The one hesitant about raising his hand to ask questions because he thought everyone would laugh. -The one who gets a massive lump in the throat when asked to speak in public. -The one who constantly fears any social setting because he or she might be …

Easy memories: A letter to my boys

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A few years ago, I read somewhere about making memories with my kids, how to share and remember those days with them as we get older.  I mean, pictures are worth 1000 words, right? But I’ve found myself looking at old photos and trying to remember who that was, or what we were doing, etc.  The point is, my memory’s …

How we sold our home in just 3 days

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If you’ve read my recent post about the toughest 30 days of my life, you’ll know that we’re moving to Hawaii shortly, and with a huge move like that comes a ton of priorities that need to be checked off the list. Aside from arranging a move of practically our entire life overseas, I racked my brain thinking of what I’d …

The toughest 30 days of my life

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I’ve been in some pretty stressful situations in my life, but I wasn’t prepared for this…

Why you should write about everything

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What if nobody wrote anything down.  Would the world be what it is today? Would we know details of the past? Of new found worlds, ideas, inventions? I like to write.  I enjoy putting my ideas, thoughts, and events of the day on paper.  I like scribbling notes, making checkboxes, arrows, quotes.  It’s a simple pleasure, it’s partly why I created this blog. -Writing …

it’s time to unplug

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Last week, CNN posted a story about a daycare center in Texas that posted a sign on their door instructing parents to put down their phones and pay attention to their kids (see photo below, Click here for CNN article).  I’m not sure what daycare this is, or where they’re located, but I applaud them. Though ultimately, it’s none of my …

Why I quit Facebook. A look into what really matters.

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Many moons ago, it was brought to my attention that my time management and productivity was on the decline, while my attention deficit was through the roof…Squirrel! Ok.  Where was I? Ahh yes.  The culprit of said decline?  I narrowed it down to the hours I spent mindlessly scrolling through the status updates of 500 plus friends I somehow acquired over …

New skills, bonding and saving $10k: How to cut your kid’s hair (Video)

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Of all the skills I’ve acquired over the 33 years I’ve been alive, the two I’d love to pass on to my kids are how to make/save money, and how to cut their own hair.

5 easy steps to help kids grow their money

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Schools.  They teach our kids math, history, science, language arts and a few other subjects.  That’s all fine, I mean, I want my kids to be well-rounded members of society, but wouldn’t it be great if they learned business practices and negotiating in elementary and middle school, too?  A few hundred bucks at age 11: Back in the early 90’s, …