Three Ways to Gamify House Cleaning for the Entire Family

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This week’s post is brought to you by our guest author Christine from HelloAllSet. Most people agree that cleaning the house is one of their least favorite chores. If you were to survey just kids, the responses would likely be even more negative. After all, why put away your toys when you are just going to play with them again …

Easy memories: A letter to my boys

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A few years ago, I read somewhere about making memories with my kids, how to share and remember those days with them as we get older.  I mean, pictures are worth 1000 words, right? But I’ve found myself looking at old photos and trying to remember who that was, or what we were doing, etc.  The point is, my memory’s …

Taking your pet to Hawaii? What to know.

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When moving to Hawaii from the east coast with our pets, we had to do some major research on Hawaii’s animal quarantine policy, they’re unlike any other I’ve experienced on the mainland.  Given Hawaii is a rabies-free state, they have some pretty tight restrictions. United Airlines PetSafe flights – What you need to know If you’re choosing to send your …

Moving to Hawaii

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We finally made the move.  It’s been three months since I’d seen my wife and youngest son. She accepted a job offer in Hawaii earlier this year.  We agreed she’d take the youngest boy, I’d stay in North Carolina with the two older ones until school finished.  In three months, we’d meet again. This was going to be tough. If …

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New year, New vlog series

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Happy New Year!  I’m determined to make 2017 full of new experiences, so I thought I’d mess with a vlog series for 2017.  Find me on youtube here.

Top 5 Holiday gift ideas!

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Christmas is only a few days away, so you’d better start making use of that Amazon Prime 2-day shipping! This year, I decided to start my holiday shopping a little early, so I wouldn’t miss out on the hot items of the season.  I hate the thought of accumulating more stuff in the house, so in keeping with our somewhat minimalistic …

Why I quit Facebook. A look into what really matters.

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Many moons ago, it was brought to my attention that my time management and productivity was on the decline, while my attention deficit was through the roof…Squirrel! Ok.  Where was I? Ahh yes.  The culprit of said decline?  I narrowed it down to the hours I spent mindlessly scrolling through the status updates of 500 plus friends I somehow acquired over …

Why turning 2 is Both awesome and terrifying

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You may not believe what I’m about to tell you, but  I can remember the day I was born. Not many people can say that, but I recall laying in that room with all the other babies, half asleep, crying for no reason, just because we didn’t know what the hell was going on.  I recall being swaddled in a …

Wedding, 3 days of Disney, and a celeb.

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Ever have those weekends you love to remember and hate to forget? That was this weekend for me. A combination of friends and family I haven’t seen in almost 10 years, a 3 day stroll around Disney Springs with the kids.  Meeting the most unexpected celeb at a bar at mid-day, and having the pleasure of being a groomsman at …