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Moving to Hawaii

We finally made the move.  It’s been three months since I’d seen my wife and youngest son. She accepted a job offer in Hawaii earlier this year.  We agreed she’d take the youngest boy, I’d stay in North Carolina…


New year, New vlog series

Happy New Year!  I’m determined to make 2017 full of new experiences, so I thought I’d mess with a vlog series for 2017.  Find me on youtube here.…

Family Money

Top 5 Holiday gift ideas!

Christmas is only a few days away, so you’d better start making use of that Amazon Prime 2-day shipping! This year, I decided to start my holiday shopping a little early, so I wouldn’t miss out on the hot items…

Family Life Lessons

Wedding, 3 days of Disney, and a celeb.

Ever have those weekends you love to remember and hate to forget? That was this weekend for me. A combination of friends and family I haven’t seen in almost 10 years, a 3 day stroll around Disney Springs with…