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The birth of a parenting blog.

I was recently asked why I initially started a blog…and why specifically one on parenting. Check out the video below, it’ll tell you everything.…


New year, New vlog series

Happy New Year!  I’m determined to make 2017 full of new experiences, so I thought I’d mess with a vlog series for 2017.  Find me on youtube here.…

Family Money

Top 5 Holiday gift ideas!

Christmas is only a few days away, so you’d better start making use of that Amazon Prime 2-day shipping! This year, I decided to start my holiday shopping a little early, so I wouldn’t miss out on the hot items…

Life Lessons Money

5 easy steps to help kids grow their money

Schools.  They teach our kids math, history, science, language arts and a few other subjects.  That’s all fine, I mean, I want my kids to be well-rounded members of society, but wouldn’t it be great if they learned business…