Alone and Unafraid: A (Very) Short Pen Story

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It was just after 4pm yesterday when I walked into the bathroom at work.  I noticed a lone pen sitting on the counter.  Not sure why, but I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pics, while hoping nobody walked in to catch the strange photoshoot.  
I like pens and have somewhat of a collection at home.  And YES, I’m that guy who always carries a memo pad and pen in my pocket (you never know when you’ll get that next brilliant idea!), so I took a minute and wrote the little story below.  I cannot honestly say what the motivation behind this story was…just know that it is.  Enjoy.

Alone and Unafraid

Contrary to popular belief, pens are not simply pieces of plastic and ink, they also have human traits, feelings and emotion.

A pen, just like people, can bleed when damaged.  A pen can be stubborn, and quit working when challenged.  A pen can be outspoken when their buttons are pushed with a click or two.  A pen can be judgmental and be turned off by you.  A pen can write nasty things or merry, tales of distant lands, humor or scary.

Though it enters your home with others of same color, A pen sees no race, quickly mixing and mingling with those of others.  A pen can hold onto you when you need it the most and can “grow legs” off your desk, disappearing like a ghost.  A pen will let you know when their ink needs to be changed, and it always knows the best click to drive a neighbor insane.  A pen is trustworthy and there when you need it,  to pour your heart out until its ink is depleted.  A pen can defend when you need some aid, and its plastic and ink can be mightier than a blade.  If you take anything away from this story, it should be this:

A pen is a tool you shouldn’t dismiss.


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