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Moving to Hawaii with Pets? Here’s what you need to know.

When moving to Hawaii from the east coast with our dog and cat, we had to do some major research on Hawaii’s pet quarantine policy, they’re unlike any other I’ve experienced on the mainland.  Given Hawaii is a rabies-free state, they have some pretty tight restrictions. United Airlines PetSafe flights – What you need to know If you’re choosing to send your pets with United Airlines, ensure you confirm their travel crate policy first. Though this isn’t listed on the…

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Moving to Hawaii

We finally made the move.  It’s been three months since I’d seen my wife and youngest son. She accepted a job offer in Hawaii earlier this year.  We agreed she’d take the youngest boy, I’d stay in North Carolina with the two older ones until school finished.  In three months, we’d meet again. This was going to be tough. If you’ve browsed my post from April, you already know I’ve been doing the single parent thing during this time.  After…

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How we sold our home in just 3 days

If you’ve read my recent post about the toughest 30 days of my life, you’ll know that we’re moving to Hawaii shortly, and with a huge move like that comes a ton of priorities that need to be checked off the list. Aside from arranging a move of practically our entire life overseas, I racked my brain thinking of what I’d do with my house.  Should I rent? Should I sell?  What happens if I rent it out and there’s an…

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Life Lessons

Why you should write about everything

What if nobody wrote anything down.  Would the world be what it is today? Would we know details of the past? Of new found worlds, ideas, inventions? I like to write.  I enjoy putting my ideas, thoughts, and events of the day on paper.  I like scribbling notes, making checkboxes, arrows, quotes.  It’s a simple pleasure, it’s partly why I created this blog. -Writing for the future- The Mrs. and I visited my grandfather at his home in Peru in 2013.  We sat down…

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Life Lessons Parenting Technology

it’s time to unplug

Last week, CNN posted a story about a daycare center in Texas that posted a sign on their door instructing parents to put down their phones and pay attention to their kids (see photo below, Click here for CNN article).  I’m not sure what daycare this is, or where they’re located, but I applaud them. Though ultimately, it’s none of my business how other parents raise their kids, It’s pretty sad to see a kid fighting for attention from their parents over…

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I was recently asked why I initially started a blog…and why specifically one on parenting. Check out the video below, it’ll tell you everything.…

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Happy New Year!  I’m determined to make 2017 full of new experiences, so I thought I’d mess with a vlog series for 2017.  Find me on youtube here.…

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